Company Vision and Mission

The company’s vision is to develop 21st Century Workforces and World-class VET /TVET systems by understanding future jobs and developing 21st Century capabilities.

With a mission to build current and future workforce capability, capacity, contribution and productivity, applying new discovery technologies, insight and intelligence.

Purpose and Goal

Workforce BluePrint is driven by its purpose:

To solve workforce problems including job creation (employment + entrepreneurship), designing future workforces, and influencing education, employers, government and industry.

With a goal, To develop current and future workforces, matching workforce demand and opportunities, with workforce skills and supply.

Industry Experience

Workforce BluePrint collaborates with a diverse range of industry sectors including:

  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Automotive
  • Banking and Finance
  • Building and Civil Construction
  • Community Services
  • Contact Centres and ICT
  • Defence
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Higher Education
  • Employment Services
  • Energy
  • Events and Festivals
  • Food and Wine
  • Government
  • Health and Pharmacy
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and Resources
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Small Business and Startups
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism
  • Vocational and Training (VET)
  • Water