Experiences whether they are bootcamps, conferences, delegation hosting, incursions or excursions, programs, sessions, tours, presentations and workshops all are made to fit your purpose and outcomes.  Facilitators can provide accredited and non-accredited training delivery, face to face and online, in groups or customised programs.


Applying lean methodology and using the Business Model Canvas, facilitating startup style immersive bootcamps over 1-2 days and accelerators, coaching and mentoring businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, startups and young people.

Delegation Hosting

Delegation hosting and tours of Australian best practice including entrepreneurship, industry development, job creation, youth engagement, VET/TVET, workforce planning and development in action.

Hosting a delegation of 25 hand-picked entrepreneurs from Indonesia made for an amazing program meeting business leaders, entrepreneurs, industry heads, investors and Ministers in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra.

Working alongside industry leaders from Bhutan, a program on Human Resource Development and Planning saw an intensive learning experience in Australia, followed by implementation with industry associations in Bhutan.

Focusing on enabling the agri-business sector in Mindanao, Philippines the fellowship assisted MinDA’s implementation of the ‘Mindanao Development Corridors’ strategy in terms of ensuring inclusive development particularly to host communities, develop a framework for increasing trade competitiveness of the agri-business sector through modern and acceptable farm management and practices, sustain agri-investments through proper risk planning/management, conform to standards on product safety, and enhance trade development through effective international marketing/promotion and export strategies.

Developing a cadre of Ecuadorian business supporters who will especially promote women’s participation in international trade through strategic sectors was the focus for Fostering Women in Trade: International Business Skills for Women in Business (Ecuador).  The program seeks to strengthen the capacity of ProEcuador in providing support to Ecuadorian businesses particularly in the Creative Industries, where there is an intensive participation of women in business.

At the request of the DTC, Workforce BluePrint met a delegation from India where the focus was on solving skilling issues on such a large scale.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Women’s Leadership in Business, Trade and Economic Development, was the topic of a tour and panel for a delegation of women from Mongolia and Indonesia that Wendy Perry was asked to speak on for Flinders University in October 2015.

Co-hosted by QUT, Workforce BluePrint spoke on economic and workforce development, entrepreneurship and innovation with a Philippines delegation in June 2015.

Strengthening Governance through Building Capacity in Workforce Planning and Development was the topic of a 6 week program for a delegation of leaders from Bhutan, co-facilitated by Workforce BluePrint and QUT.  The delegates were hosted in Canberra, Adelaide, Mildura, Robinvale, Melbourne and Brisbane with a comprehensive applied learning experience including Australian VET Policy Framework and Government Context, Workforce Planning and Development in Action.  This resulted in the development of a TVET Blueprint and National Workforce Plan for Bhutan.

Growth Hack a City, Precinct, Town or Region

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business   Growth hacking refers to a set of both conventional and unconventional marketing experiments that lead to growth of a business.

Applying the concept of growth hacking to a town or precinct builds upon 4 pillars of growth:

  1. Population growth
  2. Job growth
  3. Net per capita personal income growth
  4. Efficiency – growth of regional GDP per job (By GDP per job is increasing, the area is adding high-value, productive industries to its economy, as opposed to lower-wage jobs)

The fundamental principles to support growth include:

  1. Business and community engagement
  2. Future workforce needs aligned to training and capability development (workforce planning)
  3. Community driven strategic plan
  4. Consistent quality town branding
  5. Entrepreneurial approach

This Growth Hack has been designed to achieve practical outcomes and this initiative has been created to:

  1. Rapidly develop and plan to execute on ideas to better the businesses in the region. Some of these ides may help young people and job seekers gain credible, real world experience that can be examples for their CV;
  2. Encourage more collaboration in the community introduce young people and job seekers to employers and entrepreneurship extending their networks (potential connections with employers). This environment will help create a new understanding and uncover the latent value young Australians can offer local business;
  3. Build confidence, team work and aspirations for young people and job seekers with hands on demonstration of skills (encourage social participation); and
  4. Transform the community and local businesses setting them up to grow and employ more people in 2017 and beyond – taking businesses and community engagement to the next level).


There are a number of components to the program that make it transformational:

  1. Inspirational and informative speakers
  2. Mentors that have expertise in entrepreneurship, startups and/or industry
  3. Opportunity to work intensively using a lean methodology
  4. Outputs that make a huge difference to your clients and team
  5. Recognised leaders that will judge the final pitches and award prizes
  6. Participation with work placements like no other
  7. A collaborative and competitive environment

Businesses, community leaders, council and government representatives work together with community members, job seekers and mentors to “growth hack” any area of the community or local businesses.

The members of the community who are looking to enter the workforce gain credible, workplace based experience to contribute towards making them highly desirable employees.

On average, we expect a mix of participants to be students, jobseekers, community members, people with technical or design backgrounds, council, government as well as attendees with business backgrounds.

A growth hack can include community projects, working with existing businesses and new startups.  The goal for the event is to achieve what you would usually think would take months!

HR Infrastructure and Skills Audit

Do you need to fix your Human Resources (HR) infrastructure and/or undertake a Skills Audit?

Workforce BluePrint can help your business with the following:

  1. Employee files
  2. Employee contracts
  3. Job descriptions
  4. Interviews with staff including management
  5. Employee performance review system
  6. Benchmarking of salaries for management team
  7. Skills audit
  8. Social media review
  9. Workforce planning

In terms of outcomes and outputs this can include:

  • Review and recommendations for employee files
  • Review and recommendations for employee contracts
  • Skills based job descriptions that are validated by you
  • A simple employee performance review system with skills, values and targets as part of the process
  • A benchmarking report on management salaries
  • A skills audit including a report for each employee, group reports and an overarching report
  • A draft/final report including feedback from employees

For further information please email wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au, thank you.

Innovation Tours

Half day, full day or multiple day tours in any location where you’ll experience innovation with a behind the scenes look and learning that you can apply to your work.

Themes include:

  1. Agriculture, Food, Horticulture, Hospitality, Tourism, Wine
  2. Career Development and Youth, Employment
  3. City of Entrepreneurs in the City of Adelaide
  4. Economic Development, Regional Development, Workforce Development
  5. Education and Training
  6. Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Coworking, Social Innovation and Startups
  7. Emerging Areas – Arts and Culture, Energy and Tech, Sustainability and Water

You can choose the right duration and dates, an overarching theme, industry sectors and the locations.  A social program and networking can focus your purpose with links to associations and/or meet ups groups, industry/business leaders, country business councils, VIPs/celebrities, Ministers and MPs.

Please email wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au for a quote on your Innovation Tour.


Be the Best Boss

You already know your workforce has a huge impact on your profitability and like any other asset in your business; you want to make sure they are performing at the top of their game.

Not only are they performing but they recognise that when they’ve got your back and help your business prosper, they are ultimately creating opportunities for themselves.  So if you want to:

  • Improve profitability & boost your bottom line
  • Stop productivity leaks in your business & reduce employee turnover
  • Gain a competitive edge in attracting labour
  • Maximise employee retention & engagement
  • Increase the return of your HR investment

Participate in a practical 2-day workshop facilitated by leading planners and developers.

Effectively Engage Employers and Industry

Flexible ways to build upon existing workforce data and information with a choice of evidence collection methodologies for workforce planning that maximises engagement including data analysis, working groups, interviews, focus groups, work based learning projects and surveying.

Thank you again for last Friday’s workshop. I gained a lot from attending and it certainly started the wheels in my head turning in regards to 1) how I/we talk with industry, and 2) business opportunities.  In a few weeks’ time we are hosting an Industry Reference Group and I’m sure the night will be more of a success after my time with you.  Scott – participant

A sincere thank you for the day and additional extras 😉  I am very glad I attended and reconnected with you, cemented some current practices and gained tips for thoughtful strategy into the future.  I have already shared some of your ideas with my colleagues and will cover the workshop at our next sales meeting.  I’m sure you would also agree that meeting up with other RTOs gives fresh perspectives and invigorates the roles that we are currently focused on.  One of my favourites for the day -The finale, a unique use of a simple tool – Speed thinking what a hit and a great way to end the day.  Julie – participant

Are you keen to build upon your relationships with employers and industry?  Would you like to ensure that your staff are comfortable and confident to uncover all sorts of workforce needs and opportunities?

Your team may face the following challenges when working with industry/employers including:

  • Uncertainty as to how to approach industry, make initial contact and build relationships;
  • Increased competition in your industry area or region;
  • Maybe they don’t see it as part of their role; or
  • Perhaps they are busy with other tasks related to their job

Specific professional development aims addressed by the ENGAGE program are:

  • Building capability to work effectively with business, industry and employers;
  • Developing ability to identify workforce development needs, priorities and potential solutions;
  • Understanding the importance of promoting business and productivity benefits from training programs;
  • Developing skills in effective networking, targeting and stakeholder engagement; and
  • Potential team project – create action items/plan to engage with industry.

Duration: 1 day or coaching over 2 weeks

Get You HR stuff done

Do you want to get all of your HR policies and procedures, employment contracts and job descriptions sorted out?

This 1 day hands on workshop is a ‘must’ for you if you are an employer who wants to get your systems and procedures related to hiring and managing staff done and dusted.  You can use templates and documents to cut and paste from to create your own HR resources.

Bring your laptop to the workshop you can work on them then and there – when you leave you’ll go home with a big chunk your work completed.  The entire time you will be in the company of peers with Workforce BluePrint facilitators to provide support.

What’s covered?

  • Develop your policy for attracting and recruiting good staff including identifying needs, creating job descriptions and flexible employment packages
  • Develop your policies and systems for performance management, outlining expectations & responsibilities
  • Check relevant awards build information into employment contracts
  • Create competency based job descriptions
  • Create or refine your policy for termination of employment
  • Get peer feedback from business people facing similar challenges to you

Duration: 1 day or coaching over 2 weeks

Taking Business to the Next Level

A Course for technology enabled start-up/business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in Indonesia with the following learning objectives:

1.    Identify how to connect businesses with market opportunities, use support networks and leverage existing business networks
2.    Improve the pitch and investment proposal to attract investors
3.    Identify how to access finance and capital for international growth of business
4.    Understand the importance of business analyses (competitor, market, business, product) and how to respond to external challenges
5.    Analyse key stakeholders and identify ways to connect business with markets, develop business networks and leverage existing networks (including strategies to develop stronger networks and business contacts with start-ups in Australia)
6.    Analyse key drivers (legal, political, environment, economic, socio-cultural and technological) that impact start-ups
7.    Understand how to undertake competitor and product analyses and how to respond to the challenges (five forces: existing competitors, suppliers, substitutes, new entrants and users)
8.    Develop business and marketing plans (analyses, strategies, operational plans, monitoring, financial management) to operate a sustainable business
9.    Understand the importance of integrated marketing communications, including social media, branding and public relations
10.  Understand culture’s role in international business
11.  Further develop strategies to utilise technology and respond to changes in technology use

Workforce of the Future Masterclass

The 1 day program can be delivered in capital city or regional locations as a collaborative event considering the impact of Industry 4.0 on the recruitment and training of staff.  Participants will understand the landscape of disruption in their sector, identify opportunities and risks, and develop an action plan to address their key workforce issues.

A practical and hands on approach customised for the audience where the format for the Masterclass follows a simple, systematised approach called TAKE ACTION. With 4 x 90 minutes interactive sessions, focusing on taking action for your organisation, industry or region, and a conversational facilitation style, the sessions are outlined as follows:

Session 1 – Welcome and introductions

The full picture – Industry 4.0 and rapid uptake; What is happening across the sectors?; In other sectors, locally, nationally and internationally?; In the labour/skills market?

At this time – Where are you at this time? What does your current business strategy mean for your workforce? What is the current workforce profile, critical job roles and capabilities?

Case studies and local guest speakers from across industry sectors including video stories to assist with participants identifying if they are best in class, best in market, opportunity for improvement, just starting your journey.

Session 2

Know what you want – What are the likely impacts of Industry 4.0 and automation on your workforce into the future? What will the proximate environment be like in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years including new discovery technologies? How certain or uncertain are you that these drivers will have an impact on your organisation and workforce? What is the preferred scenario for your workforce? What are the implications (threats and opportunities) of the preferred scenario for your current and future workforce? Critical job roles and emerging capabilities (skills and competencies)? Who is leading in this space? (tapping into the knowledge in the session)

Session 3

Evaluate the gaps – What are the issues and gaps for your current workforce and when considering your future workforce? What workforce development strategies might work? What training may be required? What communication strategies will help explain future workforce requirements and staffing needs? What are the priorities and/or risks?

Session 4

ACTION – Using a Workforce Action Plan template consider:

• Outcomes and actions
• Workforce development strategies/solutions (may include working with Universities, Training Providers and Schools, workforce supply side agencies, workforce attraction and recruitment, retention, career development and upskilling, mentoring, knowledge transfer and succession planning)
• Milestones and timeframes
• Resources (including State and Federal government programs) and responsibilities
• Agreement for implementation and potential for acceleration
• Support including buddies or mentors to hold you accountable
• Next steps with practical takeaways

Self-assessment against the learning objectives, feedback and rating of the Masterclass overall. Video stories and pod casts could be recorded capturing insights from case studies, guest speakers and participants.

Wendy Perry, Managing Director from Workforce BluePrint will be the lead facilitator, supported by industry facilitators where needed who bring context and background from different sectors.