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VET FEE-HELP scrapped, entitlements dumped & VET workforce tested

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For some 2015 was an Annus horribilis in VET, for others they just got on with it, and if you are a VET leader then you most likely redirected your energy, strategy and thinking.

This blog post outlines possible futures for VET in Australia covering changes, what may be dumped or scrapped, with 2016 a year of reckoning and regeneration.

Firstly let’s talk about two “R’s” – regulation and responsibility. Read More

Training Packages into the future

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“I believe that Training Packages are a national asset, envied by other countries and when used as a system to profile individuals and jobs without limiting only to qualifications, they are very flexible and they need to be future workforce focused”, Wendy Perry.

Using Training Packages on a daily basis across all sorts of different industries I can see how they mostly (depending on sector and skill area) fit current job roles.

In a very practical example, recently Workforce BluePrint identified at a very high level the capability requirements for Economic Priorities and Growth which are:

Advanced Technologies and Digital Productivityentrepreneur female

Asian Century and Cultural Connections

Business and Employment Growth

Creativity and Innovation

Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development and Startups

Exporting and Operating in the Global Economy

Knowledge Management and Partnership Development

Infrastructure Development and Project Management

Research and Development

Sustainability and Heritage

When mapping these capabilities to national Training Packages and possible qualifications it became clear that aside from Training Packages being a national asset, there are gaps for non-employees in particular. Read More