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Growth in Kiribati requires mobility and skills for employment

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Kiribati, an island republic in the Central Pacific, has recorded 2.9% economic growth between 2011 and 2015 – thanks to continued finance by development partners. New projects include roads, airports, solid waste management and sanitation.

According to the Asian Development Outlook 2017, growth will be even bigger in 2018. This is spurred by Solomon Airlines launching a new route in between Kiribati’s capital Tarawa and Brisbane (via Honiara in Solomon Islands).

Two additional major projects include a $50 million water supply project in South Tarawa and a further $30 million will be injected into developing roads, marine landings and airfields on surrounding islands. Read More

The global skill ecosystem: Could Australia be the engine of growth?

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The digital and technological divide between employee skills and employer needs continues to grow.

When we talk of today’s skill needs, it’s in a global context.  The skills gap is of international concern, as companies struggle to find (and keep) talent.  There’s a mismatch that needs to be addressed.

Global skills Read More

1.6+ billion dollars of investment, regional skills and Australia Wide story on the ABC

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Glenn and Wendy

A recent dinner in Euston on 1 March 2017 was a highlight as it was an opportunity to celebrate all that the region has achieved in implementing the Robinvale Agribusiness Workforce Development Strategy.

Back in 2014, a “Celebrating Innovation Sunraysia Agribusiness Summit’ was held with sessions including ‘The changing nature of workforce development in Australian Agribusiness – Building the skills base of Sunraysia’.  The momentum from the forum and the identification by industry, employers, education providers and community stakeholders spurred on the development of the strategy and action plan.

In terms of GDP and major investment, this is a region that punches above its weight, where unemployment has also been high and this unique collective impact with community, business and government is making a huge difference.

So much so that the region has been highlighted on ABC’s Australia Wide. Read More

Big workforce, careers, jobs & skills shifts uncovered

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During the last 2 weeks I’ve been in the USA and at SXSW Interactive where a number of big workforce, careers, jobs and skills shifts have been uncovered that you really need to know about, some of them may even blow your mind.

There is so much to comprehend, complex concepts and technologies that are changing the nature of jobs and work forever.

And if you are in economic and regional development, education or higher ed, human resources, learning and development, training or talent management, in the next few minutes we’d like to help you to understand these shifts.

So let me share information on these big changes with you, appreciating the full picture, interpreting the impact of technologies and trends on the workforce, recognising 21st Century capabilities and knowing where the workforce is moving to next. Read More

Jobs of the future – where are they?

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It’s an obvious but fascinating fact that there are jobs we might be doing in the future, that don’t exist yet.  With employees working from locations at every corner of the globe, collaborating via the internet, at every minute of the day… the future is now.

Telecommuting and remote working is becoming more and more common and according to Deloitte, over 30% of workspaces are vacant during the day.  As a result, progressive companies are adopting flexible working practices and encouraging employees to work from home or coworking spaces.  This means it’s not just the work that’s changing; it’s where we’re choosing to work, that’s changing too – the entire workplace landscape.

Current skills such as communication and teamwork may be replaced with future skills including sense making, cross cultural competency and social influence.  With technology changing not just jobs, but also the hours and place we work, computational thinking, new media literacy, virtual collaboration and cognitive load management skills will be critical. Read More

Business skills needs analysis taking Monash to another level

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In 2014, Monash contributed 4.1% to Victoria’s employment and there’s no sign of growth slowing down anytime soon.

Keen to understand local businesses skills needs, the City of Monash is working alongside Workforce BluePrint, engaging enterprises and stakeholders to uncover evidence of capability gaps.

20 000+ businesses – 118 000+ jobs – $13.62 GRP

With Monash expected to grow to 207,727 by 2036 – a 13.46% rise in population from 2015 statistics – the City of Monash has put together the Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan to support the number of people visiting and settling in Monash. Read More

Queensland Budget for Entrepreneurship, Workforce Planning and Development

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Highlights from the budget for jobs, skills, workforce development and planning include:

  • Jobs Now, Jobs for the Future
  • Infrastructure
  • Support for rural and regional Queensland
  • Restoring Tourism

Workforce projects will be matched to a pipeline of projects through the Queensland Infrastructure Plan supporting the following jobs:

10,500 Roads & Transport
1,500 Education & Training
6,500 Energy & Water
3,500 Health & Community

Read More

New South Wales Budget Accelerates the Service Sector

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The New South Wales state budget 2015-16 aims to stimulate arts, entertainment, events, sports and tourism for Sydney and Destination NSW including regional locations.

With a targeted approach focusing on major events, projects and regions there are many opportunities for you if you are working with or in the service sector.

Consumer information

“This budget delivers $127 million in 2015-16 to support the vital work of Fair Trading including engaging with the community with over 2,000 information seminars, mainly through the agency’s flagship My Place program,” Mr Dominello said. 

The My Place program targets vulnerable consumer groups through education and compliance activities delivered directly into regional towns or suburbs.

Employment and Entrepreneurship

Whilst the unemployment rate is falling there are a number of initiatives to support employment such as the Jobs Action Plan, Small Business Employment Incentive and a Jobs of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund.

It is pleasing to increasingly see a more open minded approach to employment including entrepreneurship, technology and self-employment. Read More

Implement a successful SMART Training Needs Analysis

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Developing a SMART Training Needs Analysis is essential for shaping clearly defined expectations for an employee.

It fosters clarification around communication between team members and senior management, and provides employees with a robust sense of purpose on what is expected within their role in supporting employers to achieve their strategic goals.


A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) framework draws upon a skills matrix and is used to support workforce planning, personnel reviews, and career & succession planning.  Any gaps are built into each employee’s plan with the results aggregated to information an employer’s training budget and workforce plan.

This blog summarises pivotal points of a TNA framework including guidance on applying some of the conversational techniques that mean the process with be positive and smooth.

Read More

Industry Skills Fund opens 19 January 2015

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Individual businesses or consortia will be able to apply for the Industry Skills Fund – Growth Stream providing up to 200 000 training plans and support services over 4 years.

Small and medium sized enterprises are prioritised with help available for skills advice and training grants, “…which plan to upskill and reskill their workforces to better position themselves for growth opportunities.”

The Industry Skills Fund – Growth Stream interconnects with the Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Programme.


Priority industries include: Read More

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